Paces ft. Jess Kent
1993 (No Chill)

If you’re not hip to Paces just yet, now’s the time to get acquainted. This Gold Coast producer has a unique approach, fusing together tropical, future bass, and pop elements to create something that has listeners eagerly awaiting their next pool party. “1993 (No Chill)” is Paces first original in five months, following “Bamboo.” This time around, the future bass influences are long gone, giving away to pure pop bliss.

Sydney-based singer/songwriter Jess Kent helps further that pop prowess with her casual swagger, leaving us with a burning desire to nod our head and sing along. From the sounds of it, Paces was hit with the Jess Kent bug after hearing her debut release.

I first heard Jess Kent via her track ‘Get Down’ on Triple j Unearthed. I could tell right away that it was the feel-good hit of the summer and that Jess and I were on a very similar musical vibe. Luckily the timing was right and everything else just fell into place!

If you’re stuck indoors, looking at those untamable snow drifts that just won’t melt, throw this on, make yourself a margarita, and crank up the heat. Just because it’s winter outside, doesn’t mean you can’t have your own tropical getaway inside.

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