No Xcuses 134 (Presented by TheMusicNinja.com)

Not too long ago we spoke with Italian born Zurich DJ/Producer EDX at Beta Nightclub. We covered topics like his epic fan contest, working with Avicii, and even previous works like his track with Kool and the Gang. While we felt like we covered almost all of the bases, we felt like it was the perfect opportunity to ask a few more questions with our exclusive premiere of this episode of his No Xcuses radio show.

TMN: Thank you for taking some time to sit down with us EDX! We figured since we just spoke with you at Beta just a little while ago, we would switch things up and answer you a few different questions. First off, let’s start off with some random questions. Please answer with your top three items for each question.

Bands of all time?
EDX: Beatles, Kraftwerk, U2

Venues you’ve played at?
EDX: Marquee Las Vegas, Ushuaia Ibiza

Party starting tracks?
EDX: “Touched” & “Everything”

Countries to travel to?
EDX: Australia, Italy, USA

Tracks you’ve made?
EDX: “Casa Grande,” “Everything,” “Give It Up For Love”

TMN: Alright, now let’s talk about some of the things that you have on your wishlist. Take a look at these and let us know the first thing that comes to mind.

Do one thing for my fans, it would be…
EDX: Share more music and unique moments together with my fans.

Co-produce a track with one artists it would be…
EDX: Many old school and new school guys out there.

Play any festival in the world…
EDX: Coachella or maybe Burning man for the love of each others’ individual art…

Work with any vocalist, I would pick…
EDX: Sarah McLachlan

Start a DJ duo with any other DJ…
EDX: Hard to answer this… There are so many good artists. Definitely not a Laptop DJ.

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