Sleepless (Young Bombs Remix)

Ok first things first, ninjas, we need you to go hop in a time machine and set the dial to 2011 because you’re about to take a trip back to a time where Tiesto once made us shed tears of pure progressive feels. We don’t know about you, but we remember when we used to PLUR out before it was the “cool” thing to do. You can just call us the hipsters of dance music.

It appears to us that the emotive value of progressive house has somewhat fallen off the radar over the years. With a surge of new genres making their way to the forefront of electronic music, it’s easy to pinpoint why some categories fade out. Well ninjas, we want to bring you back to those unforgettable moments where the music just seemed to understand you more than anyone else around you. You can’t tell us you’ve never once in your life said “wow – this song just gets me. I don’t think anyone knows how this song makes me feel.” Guilty.

We here at TMN are happy to bring those oh so familiar misunderstood feelings back with the latest progressive feeler from Canadian duo, Young Bombs. Today, Canada’s brightest are unleashing their latest remix of the popular Cazette song, “Sleepless” in which they  “mashed a few genres together including big room, indie, deep house [as well as] some tropical textures to capture a happy, summer feeling.” From the very beginning we are introduced with a cheerful synth melody that intricately progresses into a cry-worthy breakdown full of enough emotion to make that one meathead at the gym take a moment to collect himself. We guarantee you will go on a progressive house binge after hearing this gem so get your free download and add it to the list of songs that make you feel some type of way.

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