Germany Germany, the Canadian born producer, recently graced the pages of The Music Ninja with his remix of Go Alien by Oh No! Yoko. After posting that remix, we were asked to premiere a few of his new tracks, and we couldn’t be more excited.

The electrogaze magician has provided us with a look at two singles for your listening pleasure. First up, he has created a gorgeous electro track in With You. The layered pianos melodies, loving vocals, and electro style guitar synths give this song a dancy feel. The B-Side to this single, however, is a calmer side to Germany Germany’s work. It stays closer to his shoegaze roots with dreamy synths that ride along with Kotomi’s lyrics.

Blank Mind Empty Heart is out on the 20th, and you can find more information about on his website.

’With You ft. Kotomi’
’Real Hero ft. Kotomi (College/Electric Youth cover)’
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