God the ears always love to hear body-moving music. And good lord we at TMN love it even more when we get to premiere it for all your bodies to love as well. Welcome to the stage Mr. Victor Niglio who, at the ripe young age of twenty-one, is taking over the dance music world with his trapness nastiness. Victor is new on the music scene but already his name, and his fabulous fro, are being talked about from coast to coast. Victor started into the music world when he was four being trained in piano, an instrument he still plays thoroughly today, and only two years ago started to DJ at local venues, parties etc which has helped him to be a better performer; he picks up on the feelings of the audience and drops his beats accordingly. So when Victor passed along his song to TMN , we couldn’t wait to hear what drops he had in store. His remix of TJR’s “Ode to Oi” is a song for the lovers of Trance. With a beautiful piano/beat mix carrying on throughout the piece, Victor immediately shows his talent for placing head bopping sounds, with drum repetitions, in every few seconds. Victor builds up the intensity and lets the music ride as he constantly blends different rhythms. Let your body enjoy this tune, my body needs a break from all my dancing, hot damn.

’TJR – Ode To Oi (Victor Niglios Ethnic Trap Remix)’
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