Need & Necessity
Lemme See (Original Mix) **FREE DOWNLOAD**

Typically, Monday mornings in a blogger’s e-mail inbox tend to be littered with the weekend’s worth of promos and mixtapes from countless sources, so when something completely unique and original stands out from the scattered pack of press materials, it’s quite the breath of fresh air as a writer. Such was the case when house production duo Need & Necessity‘s latest original tune “Lemme See” fell into our laps late last night and jump-started our Monday like only an expertly crafted deep-house cut laced with a classic vocal loop from Sisqo’s ubiquitous 1999 booty-shaker, “The Thong Song” could do. And while the vocal track may no doubt be where the casual listener is drawn in, it is the thorough and polished production standard which truly captures the attention of the dance aficionados. The groundwork on “Lemme See” is layed by a shuffling hi-hat pattern which has become something of a Need & Necessity staple, backed by an unassuming bassline seamlessly gliding itself in while gradually cresting over the entire movement before as a listener, you realize you’ve been shaking your waist line and jacking your head unconsciously. All of these elements combine for a highly groovy slice of deep-house that is just minimal enough to give the chorus the room it needs to breathe and subsequently “pop”. We had this one on repeat last night and this morning, and since “Lemme See” is being given away as a free download through Night Supply, we think it should be on repeat on your daily playlist as well. Grab “Lemme See” from Need & Necessity above, and if you missed it a few months back check out their last release “Whip” here on TMN as well.

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