If you could ask an artist for something from them, anything from them, what would you ask for? An hour on stage with them? A party bus afterward with them? A lock of their hair? (yeah that gets a little creepy). Or, would you ask for a little insight into their music? Well Figure came to us with an idea for his time here as our resident artist. What if he were to share some of his personal stems from two of his pulse dropping songs? That sounded like an amazing idea to us.

From his Monsters Volume 3, Figure has given us the stems to his electrifying “Michael Myers is Dead” and his body tingling “No Turning Back”.

So here they are for all you musicians who have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to remix one of the top dubstep artists of the industry.


Download: “Michael Myers is Dead” (STEMS) [WAV File] (Right click + “save as” to d/l)
Download: “No Turning Back” (STEMS) [Self Hosted Zip]

Let us hear what you come up with! please send your remix to us at submit@themusicninja.com


There are a few rules that come along with these gems though and we ask here at TMN, and to respect Figure as the great artist he is too, that you please use these stem for REMIXES ONLY.

Please make sure that the remix is credited fully in the title of the song know that any remix made from these stems are not allowed for official sale but are to be used for promo only:

Figure – Michael Myers Is Dead (“ARTIST NAME” REMIX)
Figure – No Turning Back (‘ARTIST NAME’ REMIX)

FIGURE retains all-rights to the sounds and music within the stems, none of his music may be used to create compositions.

Enjoy everyone, en-fuckin-joy.

’Figure – No Turning Back (Original Mix) – Monsters Vol 3’
’Figure – Michael Myers Is Dead (Oscillator Z Remix) – Monsters Vol 3’
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