Can I just say what an amazing month it has been hanging with one of TMN’s favorite dubstep artists Figure? This has been one fun month of reading about how he got to where he is today, what is next for him in the music world, and of course sitting down for a hilarious interview where we learned about Jordan’s and cats and Bill fuckin Murray. Before we let him go though, we had to ask Figure what music he is digging right now. As we all know artists listen to their music day in and day out but that doesn’t mean they don’t take the time to jam to other show-stopping artists and pull influence from the beats made around them.

So here they are, Figure’s top 5 jams of the moment:

1. M machine – Moon Song
2. Torqux – hit me
3. Deltron 3030 – pay the price
4. Vaski – The Nile
5. Skrillex – The reason

TMN: What about any artists who you just think are unbelievable?
M Machine and Brown & Gammon always are on my top

TMN: Biggest influence?
El-P’s old production

Enjoy these off the wall jams and a big ass thank you to Josh for hanging out with us this past month, it has been all our pleasure and we wish you mad success in the upcoming year. Monster on!

’Pay the Price – Deltron 3030 EVENT II’
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