You’d be hard pressed to find a whole lot of trance in our archives, but every so often something comes through and catches our ear. The Los Angeles producer Submersive has done it yet again though, this time with his Interdimensional Exploration EP.

Complete with three tracks, including a collaboration with INFINX, the Interdimensional Exploration EP is an energetic dive into cosmic soundscapes and riveting rhythms. It genuinely feels like space rave music; it’s not hard imagining any of these singles in a sci-fi thriller. Like we said before, trance doesn’t usually find its way into the dojo but Submersive has the special touch. Grab his EP today.

’SUBMERSIVE – Rise Of The Machines (Original Mix)’
’SUBMERSIVE – The Covenant (Original Mix)’
’SUBMERSIVE & INFINX – Society (Original Mix)’
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