Chicago based production duo Flosstradamus have been at the forefront of the rapidly emerging EDM Trap scene. Their remix of Major Lazer‘s Original Don may be the most popular song in the genre piquing the interest of electronic music and hip-hop fans alike. They continued to establish themselves as top-tier trap ambassadors over the summer, releasing several enormous mixes, remixes and original tracks. In August, they let loose an absolute slap with “Underground Anthem” and confirmed that they had an EP on the way. Innovative even in their distribution of music, the Fool’s Gold/Mad Decent affiliates put out all their material free, directly to the fans from their Twitter and Facebook pages. Last night, they revealed to their followers that the EP would be due out some time today, just in time to kick off the weekend early.

X☮ consists of three massive songs as the duo’s sound continues to progress setting the bar for their peers. Turn the volume up, put down whatever you’re doing and proceed to go ham from start to finish. You can stream the whole thing below and download it free here: Flosstradmus – X☮ (Password: bannedboyz). Just in case the download link crashes, you can grab the tracks individually underneath as well. Floss truly runs da trap!

’Flosstradamus – DRAK KNIGHT’
’Flosstradamus – TWARK’
’Flosstradamus – DEAF’

P.S. Flosstradamus also announced that this will be the first of a series of three EPs so make sure to keep an eye out!

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