Last week, Toronto’s Keys N Krates dropped an awesomely aggressive EP called Lucid Dreams. It’s an interesting title because, while there are certainly overpowering waves of euphoric dream-like synth work, it’s got an equally heavy dose of straight up dirty bounce. Not that I’m complaining – the filthy highs feel that much more potent when offset by the clean cut and shimmery moments; it’s both that contrast and combination that’s praise-worthy. A perfect example of this would be this nearly 5-minute track titled “Dreamyness,” where you’ll get the best of both worlds. Shivers, swagger, and everything in between. Check it out below and take advantage of the free EP download.


Bonus: “Let It Rain” (as heard on BBC Radio 1)

’Annie Nightingale BBC Radio 1 – Jan 26, 2013 – Keys N Krates Let It Rain’
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