This might be a little bold of me to say, but this could be the dirtiest Trap remix ever. Seriously though Brillz pulls out all the stops in this insane remix of Kill The Noise‘s track Roots, off of the Roots Remixed EP. Starting with a creepy intro with all sorts of animal sounds that makes you feel like your walking through the jungle. Then building into some absolutely insane dirty sounds that I can’t barely even describe. This could easily brain wash a small child if played loud enough and Brillz brings some of the nastiest sound design I’ve ever heard in this Trapped out banger. I didn’t think any track on this EP could even come close to topping Kill The Noise’s remix of his own song Jokes On You, but this one comes damn close. Cheers.

To Buy the Roots Remixed EP, or any of the songs individually click here. 

’Kill The Noise – Roots (Brillz Remix)’
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