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Run Cities ft. Waka Flocka

If you see Waka Flocka involved in a project, then you know the turn up is real. If you see that Styles&Complete are involved as well, like with “Run Cities” on Buygore, then you have no chance of escaping the madness. All you can do is prepare yourself for a whole lot of raw energy that will blow you away.

“Run Cities” is a ferocious trap tune that is one of our favorite Waka Flocka crossover collaborations yet. The concept of this song is pretty straightforward, those involved in its creation will run your city and after listening through this song once you see why. It takes hold with a certain swagger that only Waka and company can express. With all the Summer singles that are coming out, this is near the top as far as bass music is concerned. Want a copy? It’s out now on digital platforms.

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