Ever since we heard TastyTreat were releasing an EP on Buygore, we have been extremely excited. We were teased with the collaborative single, “My Crew” with Malcom Anthony, and now our fiendish appetite for more has been satisfied by the other two records.

If you didn’t catch “My Crew” when we posted it previously, don’t fret, as we have it for you below. All you need to know about that one is that it is hotter than a fevered volcano. But before you get to “My Crew” you have to go through “Ascension” which is just as hot, or even hotter. “Ascension” has some ravishing bass sounds that are going to melt your ears, and get your body grooving. It’s not just a banger, it’s a dance-able hit record that has immense depth and energy. To close the EP, TastyTreat delivered their collaboration with YLTI and Gino Diggs called “Struggle.” The only struggle you’ll enter into with this one is trying not to throw this one on repeat. Hip-Hop is an influence that the duo has in their tracks, but here they were able to go full hip-hop and smash it. The Wayward EP is more than we even hoped for, and we hope it satisfies you as much as it did us. If it did, head on over to Beatport for a copy.

’TastyTreat – Ascension’
’TastyTreat – My Crew Ft. Malcolm Anthony’
’TastyTreat – Struggle Ft. Gino Driggs & YLTI’
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