Back in the day when mashups burst onto the music scene, artists such as Girl Talk, Milkman, and Supermash Bros. dominated the movement by exposing their superior sampling ability; mixing and mashing sometimes hundreds of samples together to create a unique audible work of art. Although mashups have seem to have lost a lot of their pizzazz and appeal that they once provoked, I personally am always ecstatic when I begin listening to a song and encounter ingeniously clever sampling.

Atlanta based producer, heRobust, accomplished just that with his glitched-out trap remix of Lil Wayne’s “A Milli”. Beginning the track with a witty sample of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, heRobust adds a healthy dose of distorted bass transforming this track from start to end. This remix is worth at least ‘One Million Dollars’ so make sure to snag this free download and show heRobust some love on Facebook.

’Lil Wayne – A Milli (BUSTED by heRobust)’
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