Tribe Society
Stoner (Young Thug Reimagined)

When it comes to covers, we always hesitate before pressing play because we know we are either about to encounter something truly stunning or something truly shitty. There really is no in between. Well ninjas, considering we are premiering a cover song today, we might just have a true gem on our hands thanks to New York City’s, Tribe Society, and their reimagined version of Young Thug’s iconic track, “Stoner”.

“With the world wrapped up in trap fetish, we wanted to redress our favorite stoner anthem in a rock outfit.” – Tribe Society

Tribe Society decided to flip Young Thug’s trap anthem into a much more soulful, smooth, and indie/rock rendition that takes us directly into the core of their sound design. Filled with sensual piano riffs, pulsating 808s, beautifully arranged vocals, and ambient percussive elements, Tribe Society give us a refreshing new take on this provocative track that makes us feel as if we are listening to Chet Faker in a coffee shop on an early Thursday morning. Aside from the fact that the song is focused on marijuana and acquiring money, we can’t help but keep this one on repeat because the production and arrangement are just shy of genius. We are ecstatic about premiering this contagious cover, and we know all of you will swoon into a faded state of pure haziness the moment you press play.

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