If you haven’t heard anything off of Sweet Valley’s Eternal Champ yet, then you’re missing out. This project is an essential listen for any fan of video games or hip-hops. Sampling such classics as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, no other musical undertaking (other than Ocarina of Rhyme) has been able to evoke the simple memories of pure joy resulting from sitting cross legged and wide eyed in front of a television for three hours while holding an awkward shaped plastic controller in your hands. While the project doesn’t solely rely on video game samples for its sound, it is able to still come together to form a cohesive masterpiece that will run you through many of the same emotions felt during those hard fought battles in the kingdom of Hyrule. Considering that this project is coming courtesy of Wavves‘ own Nathan Williams and his brother Joel “Kynan”, makes it even more mind blowing. Although Nathan is primarily known for his noise rock, he’s able to piece together an incredible beat tape here. Add in the fact that they’re currently touring with GZA & Killer Mike, adding even more credence to their identity as a legitimate act within the genre.

If you like what you hear down below, make sure to head over to their Bandcamp page to check out the rest of the project and for a free download of the entire tape.

’Sweet Valley – Eternal Champ’

’Sweet Valley – Chaos Speed’

’Sweet Valley – Stone’

’Sweet Valley – The Great Bay Shrines’

’Sweet Valley – Where Will I Go’
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