Los Angeles’ own LexiconDon have hit the road, played Filter’s Culture Collide, SXSW and CMJ and released a stunner debut album Pink + Blue on Binary Entertainment, the label co-owned by Goldroom‘s Josh Legg. The trio draw inspiration for their music from their everyday lives — whether their partying hard at a festival or nursing a broken heart in their apartments — and that sincerity shows.

Today, The Music Ninja is happy to premiere LexiconDon’s new track “Pretending”. It begins with a dreamy intro, like a slowly swirling fog that sweeps through little by little. Once it settles in completely, it revs up and doesn’t relent. It’s got chill undertones, but is wholly captivating and charged with infectious, uplifting electro-pop energy. Turn it up and let it soundtrack your next late-night adventure. Download it for FREE below and show them some love on their Facebook.

’LexiconDon – Pretending’
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