Oh shit, ninjas! As you well know by now, we’ve been hustlin’ hardcore in Denver for the past six months. We’ve thrown some bad ass parties at Vinyl, and now we’re ready to invade Beta for their Superheroes and Villains party on October 27th. This is, of course, a Halloween party, given it’s the weekend before the holiday. We’re encouraging you to come dressed as your favorite, or completely made up superhero or villain. We will be rocking ninja costumes, so you can easily identify us. However, this is also my personal birthday celebration, so a conversation about music with me might be a little slurred and incoherent. Just sayin’.

Jontron and Dragon are headlining this night, and promise to have a fun, funky, and energetic set for everyone to dance their ass off to. We also are working with them and Beta to put together some goodie bags for a select number of party-goers. Because kids shouldn’t be the only ones that get goodie bags on Halloween.

This night is going to be one for the record books, so make sure to head down and show your TMN love!

’Dragon & Jontron – Blackout’
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