We’re sure some of you have grown tired of listening to tropical music at this point, but then comes Life of Dillon, a band from London made up of Joe Griffith, Rob Griffith and David Keiffer, who released this track with a strong message and story behind them and are set to help further the tropical sound.

“Overload” is not your usual tropical tune. It possesses an authentic sound that gives off an organic and casual vibe. Because of the Griffith brothers’ background and growing up in Nigeria, they are no stranger to playing the instruments of this summertime genre. Incorporating live banjo and keys into the track, Life of Dillon makes it look so easy with this fun and joyful tune. The powerful vocals soar throughout the song, carrying a catchy melody and positive message. This song will work its magic into people’s hearts, and you just can’t help but smile after giving it a listen.

The formation of this band has come a long way, and we’re glad we were able to get a taste of this tropical goodness. Big ups to Life of Dillon and keep the good vibes coming!

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