We were starting to wonder when we would hear back from Betatraxx, not having seen any releases for quite some time now. Turns out, Tim Nelson, one of the most promising producers of 2010 has been hard at work. Touring, creating remixes for a couple of big names indie artists (to which we are not sure if we can disclose yet), producing an EP, and not to mention working with Dirty Dutch and Atlantic Big Beat for a handful of new releases.

A lot of things happening for our friend, and deservingly so. Today he will be dropping a couple of Remix/Bootleg EP containing 2 completely new songs and 2 updated versions of older tracks. It has been well over a year since we posted our favorite Metric remix of “Gold Guns Girl” by Betatraxx and just hearing it again gave us goosebumps.

New Bootleg tracks:

Gregori Klosman – Low Battery (Betatraxx Edit)

’Low Battery (Betatraxx Edit).mp3′

Betatraxx – Daft Punk Live Edit

’Daft Punk Live Edit.mp3′


Justice – We Are Your Friends (Betatraxx Remix)

’We Are Your Friends (Betatraxx Remix).mp3′

Metric – Gold Guns Girls (BetatraXx Remix)

’Gold Guns Girls (BetatraXx Remix).mp3′
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