Sure it is a video of shaking asses, breasts, and awkward closeups of clothes crouches, but does that make it tacky? “You Can Dance” is a celebration of beauty in music, dance and the sexuality that comes with its combination. There is enough out there in today’s shallow world for woman to feel objectified based on their appearance, and while this video may seem superficial, it is far from it. Music, excluding anything that comes out of Ke$ha’s mouth, is one of the most genuine forms of expression known to man, and dancing is not too far from it either. Without sounding too corny, seeing a girl dancing is more of a reflection of the inner confidence and beauty that in many ways can be more attractive and go beyond the physical.

Chilly Gonzales – You Can Dance


“You Can Dance” featured on the Ivory Tower album
Performed by Chilly Gonzales and Produced by Boys Noize

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