Nothing makes me smile more than a female vocalist with one sassy voice who knows what her sound is and revels in her abilities.
Miss Ivy Levan, please take the center stage, you are the sexy temptress I am talking about.
If you have not heard of this strong voice yet, you will. Levan started her career like many skilled females, singing back-up for other artists. But recently she decided to take the leap and be the star of her show with her recently released EP “Dame”. The single off of her EP is titled “I don’t wanna wake up” and tells the charming story of a girl who had way too much fun the night before and with a man in her bed, does not want to wake up and face the day. We have all been there haven’t we? And Levan does an amazing job capturing how that feels, swear words, bears in her bed and all. Not to mention a fabulous video, this leading lady is just making a scratch on her music bed post and we can’t wait to see what else she has in store.

After you’re done enjoying her video, head over and pick up her EP!

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