Aaron Maine’s Porches music project has proved itself a critical darling after the excellent 2016 LP Pool and its demo based sister release Water. Porches has undergone a complete musical symbiosis from the folk inspired pop of 2013’s Slow Dance in the Cosmos, and after having recently announced the January 19 release of The House, the third full-length album from the New York based group, they’ve released its first music video backing the single “Find Me”. Aurally, “Find Me” is an icy track with its lyrics touching on anxiety, escape and isolation. Not new subject material for Maine, but one that he has shown an ability to convey flawlessly in his brief songwriting career. A signature array of vintage synths permeate the tune’s breathing space, rising and falling behind shuffling hi’s and greasy bass, resulting in that beautiful indie-pop aesthetic we’ve grown accustomed to from Porches. In video form, the visual theme is wound tightly to Maine’s psyche, focusing primarily on his physical from in the process.

Watch the video, co-directed by Maine himself, and Nick Harwood below, and revisit our review of their 2016 live show in Denver here. The House is available for pre-order now on iTunes, Bandcamp and from their label Domino Records’ online shop with a limited run of pale-yellow translucent vinyl complete with a fold-out poster, CD, cassette, and digital download.


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