Freestylers- The Coming Storm from BLURRED Pictures on Vimeo.

The Freestylers have covered it all. Massive festivals? Check. Biggest clubs? Check? Top of the Pops? Check. Over a decade of performing live music? Check. Horror film music video? Check. Wait, that one seems out of place. Well, as seemingly odd as it is, it’s is something this dance music duo can tout in their ever growing list of accomplishments.

The London based musicians recently enlisted the help of music film collective Blurred Pictures to help with their new music video. In the snowy mountains of Colorado, Blurred has set the backdrop for this upcoming Rub-A-Duck Records and Black Hole Recordings release. Actors Jon Jacobs, Nancy Pratt and Michael Roberts enter a world of terror set to the reggae infused dubstep track. What ensues? You’ll have to watch for yourself.

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