Well, ninjas, we’ve been waiting for this one for quite some time. Way back in April of 2013, we got our hands on “Shadow of the Sun,” and completely fell in love. In fact, if you go back to that post, you can see that we labeled it perfectly with a bracket containing the words,”Beyond Words.”

Nine months later, we’re the proud father of another post featuring these ethereal vocals from Swedish duo, Max Elto. With this newly released EP, we’re offered up not only both of the versions of “Shadow of the Sun,” but an additional three new tracks.

Leading things off for this EP is an original production, “Backyard Animals.” A slow, repetitious singular guitar note is coupled with interspersed percussions, paving the way for a bouncy bassline and some subdued vocals. At about 1:20, we’re instantly reminded of the chills we received from hearing those vocals for the first time, as that glorious vocal range is put on display. As a whole, this tune has a lovely poppy electronica feel that is extremely infectious, and absolutely ready for radio.

Next up is “City Lights,” which features an achingly-long (in all the best ways) progressive build that you would maybe expect from the intro to a Deadmau5 album. Epically cascading synths slowly walk their way up to a calming beat, accentuated properly with understated and simplistic vocals.

“Daniel,” changes the pace up with a deep house feel, with pitch-down vocal samples and an engaging piano melody. This tune definitely has club appeal, especially at a time where deep house is in such high demand. It’s the perfect lead in to what was easily one of our top 5 favorite tracks of last year, “Shadow of the Sun.”

As a whole, this EP is a well diversified venture into the EDM world. The range that’s displayed is impressive, leaving us wanting to hear what’s next on deck for this destined for greatness duo. Until then, we’ll gladly press play, again and again.

’Backyard Animals (Original Mix)’
’Citylights (Original Mix)’
’Daniel (Original Mix)’
’Shadow of The Sun’
’Shadow Of The Sun (Original Club Mix)’
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