Brooklyn based brotherly duo Wildlife Control have been releasing a wonderful array of originals bordering the electronic and rock genres with catchy and bright melodies. Recently however, the two have decided to let other producers bring their own ideas by hosting remix competition for their song, Analog or Digital. We were honored to be one of the judges of the competition, along with our friends over at Indie Shuffle. After going through quite a handful of interesting concepts (And a couple of bad ones), we can now say with confidence that we really have an amazing winning track, brought in by Ille Gal of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The secret to a good remix is to pay tribute to the original, while still innovating elements that would enhance the very emotional core of its predecessor. Ille Gal truly delivered a new way to consume the single ‘Analog or Digital’ by replacing the original instrumentation of guitar riffs and drums with a wonderful foundation of sparkling electronica. As Wildlife Control puts it, “It’s lush, has an infectious chill groove, and offers a totally different take from the original.”

You can download and listen below:

’Wildlife Control – Analog or Digital (ille rmx)’
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