[Tech House] dEVOLVE x Smith & Sorren x King Kismet – Me & You

Smith & Sorren, the innovative Tech House duo, have been steadily making waves in the electronic music scene. Originating from their shared passion for pushing musical boundaries, Smith & Sorren have built a reputation for their unique sound. They have been recognized for their ability to blend deep grooves with intricate melodies, capturing the attention of both fans and critics alike.

Their latest project, “Me & You,” is a collaboration with the acclaimed dEVOLVE and King Kismet. This track is a fresh take on Cassie’s early 2000s hit, transforming it into a modern Tech House anthem. Smith & Sorren’s production skills shine through in this track, as they seamlessly integrate the classic elements of the original with their signature rhythmic beats and high energy.

“Me & You” has already made a significant impact on Beatport, debuting as a Top #3 Overall release and clinching the #1 spot in the Tech House category. The track’s momentum was further boosted when dEVOLVE premiered it on his weekly radio show “The Launch,” which airs on SiriusXM’s “Diplo’s Revolution” channel every Wednesday night.

Smith & Sorren continue to innovate and impress within the Tech House genre. Their collaboration with dEVOLVE and King Kismet on “Me & You” is yet another example of how far they’ve come and where they are going. As they move forward, Smith & Sorren are set to become key figures in the tech house world, consistently delivering tracks that both honor their roots and push the genre forward.

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[Wave] Spoken Bird – Worlds Collide

Spoken Bird has just dropped his latest single, “Worlds Collide,” a track that’s already making waves in the music community. This new release, now available on vibe.digital, features a seamless blend of hip-hop and R&B influences with the ethereal elements of wave music that Spoken Bird is known for. The intricate drum breaks and inventive synth patterns, laced with a touch of psychedelia, offer listeners a captivating sonic journey.

The magic of “Worlds Collide” lies not just in its production but in the story behind its creator, Alex Gonzalez, better known as Spoken Bird. Hailing from Berkeley, California, Alex’s musical adventure began in college where he was initially drawn to the decks as an electronic music DJ. The sounds of dubstep and glitch hop were his early influences. However, his quest for a deeper connection with music led him to study music theory and electronic production. This academic pursuit gave him the tools to transform his DJ sets into original productions, marking the birth of Spoken Bird.

Spoken Bird’s journey from a college DJ to a revered producer in the wave music scene is marked by numerous accolades. He has amassed over 1 million streams, with tracks like “Hold On” and “Beginnings” resonating deeply with fans. His live performances have helped build upon his story and reputation, having shared the stage with notable artists such as CharlesTheFirst, CloZee, and Phaeleh. A highlight of his career includes a memorable performance at Symbiosis Oregon Eclipse, where he played to a audience of over two thousand people.

Spoken Bird’s rise in the wave world shines light on his relentless passion and spirit. Each release, including the mesmerizing “Worlds Collide,” demonstrates his ability to push the boundaries of wave music while staying true to his artistic roots, and then some.

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[Album] SCARLET VEIL – Every Fantasy

The much-anticipated full album “Every Fantasy” by the electronic duo Scarlet Veil has been released, marking the culmination of an impressive rollout that began in December 2023. Over nearly five months, Brandi (Sodie) and Jerrod (WARLOK) captivated listeners with bi-weekly single releases, each building momentum and anticipation for this expansive collection.

The journey started with “Sunder,” setting the stage for standout tracks like “Enshaedn,” “Strings,” “Repose,” “Kraken,” “Spirit Caller,” and “Fervent Sigil.” Each track contributed a unique thread to the complex soundscape that defines “Every Fantasy,” showcasing the duo’s creative depth and narrative skill.

“Fervent Sigil,” the latest single, presents a deep, resonant bass paired with ethereal sounds, highlighting Scarlet Veil’s ability to blend cinematic elements with robust electronic rhythms. “Spirit Caller” features a moody melody and live drums, drawing listeners into a mystical realm. “Kraken” explores darker themes with an intense introduction and atmospheric synths, embodying the duo’s distinctive style.

“Enshaedn” captures the essence of Scarlet Veil’s vision, inspired by fantasy literature, while “Repose” revisits their witch house origins with a unique structure. “Strings” brings an energetic pace, pushing the boundaries of their established motifs.

Scarlet Veil’s dedication to storytelling and world-building is evident throughout “Every Fantasy,” inviting listeners to explore something truly new. This album reflects a long journey that is now immortalized forever on. Beautiful.

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[Chill] Carter Fox – Sit Back And Lift Off

Carter Fox enchants with his latest release, “Sit Back and Lift Off,” which is now out. Known for his remarkable talent and innovative approach, Fox consistently delivers music that resonates deeply with listeners. His career spans collaborations with icons like Freddie Jackson and Grammy-winning artists, and so many others, showing how far he’s come and where he is going.

Fox’s journey in music began at 15, and since then, he has built an impressive portfolio as a musician, songwriter, and producer. His solo projects have garnered global recognition, achieving millions of streams and topping charts. His recent book, “How to Effectively Release & Promote Your Music as an Independent Artist,” has been well received and a needed tool within the industry.

“Sit Back and Lift Off” is a standout track on the upcoming Lofi & Chill Vol. 3 compilation, set for release on May 3rd by Millennium Jazz Music. The track features soothing piano melodies, complemented by a harmonious blend of drums and bass. Its minimalist arrangement highlights the beauty of musical restraint, creating a warm, inviting groove perfect for relaxation and contemplation.

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[Electronic] Esther Anaya – Higher Self

Esther Anaya excels as a singer, DJ, violinist, and music producer. Her eclectic skills have earned her the position of Official DJ for the Los Angeles Chargers and an international following. Esther’s musical roots trace back to Colombia, where she began her journey with the violin. This early foundation led her to open for Maluma on his 2018 European tour and secure a residency at Zouk Nightclub in Resorts World Las Vegas. There, she performed alongside renowned EDM artists like Tiesto, Zedd, and DJ Snake.

Her collaborations include working with iconic artists such as Snoop Dogg on the track “BAYC” in 2022 and contributing violin to Lil Yachty’s album “Teenage Emotions.” Esther is also preparing for a new release with Sean Kingston. Her impressive resume includes sharing stages with global stars like Rihanna, Kanye West, Christian Castro, Ana Gabriel, Lunay, 50 Cent, Flo Rida, David Guetta, and Calvin Harris. She has graced the covers of Latina Magazine, L’Officiel Arabia, and Grazia Magazine, and was chosen as the ‘2023 Face Of Cadillac.’ Additionally, she composed music for the DreamWorks film “Abominable.”

“Higher Self is a song that talks about your transition from the lowest version of yourself to your best version and mastering your higher self. Inspired by a period of time in my life where I felt vulnerable, and lost, trying to follow what everyone else wanted me to do. Finally realizing that we’re all unique and have our own purpose and trademark in life. Getting out of my comfort and tapping into my spiritual higher self for guidance and forgetting about all the negativity & obstacles around me that were trying to pull me down in life.” – Ester Anaya

Esther’s sound blends deep house, future-rave, and tech house, appealing to a wide range of fans. Her music reflects personal challenges and triumphs, promoting self-confidence and direction. Beyond music, Esther leads Asaf Angels, a non-profit organization dedicated to charitable causes, more information on which can be found at www.asafangels.org.

In the past year, Esther has reinvented her sound, resulting in over 10 new records set for release in 2024. Keep an eye out on what she does next and check out “Higher Self,” directly below.

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[Electronic] Able Grey – Beauty Fades

“Beauty Fades,” performed by male vocalist Hymn and female vocalist NoelleMichelle, tackles the challenge of maintaining romantic love throughout a lifetime. The duet’s dynamic, blending masculine and feminine voices, enhances the song’s relatable theme.

The track begins with a dramatic combination of strings and piano, creating a soft yet gripping foundation. As the chorus approaches, the energy builds, incorporating melodic bass elements that highlight the song’s message. The climax features vocal chops and melodic fills, leading into a powerful drop before returning to its initial simplicity. The song concludes with a profound reminder of the romantic legacy we leave behind.

Able Grey, a rising talent in the Chicago music scene, brings a fresh approach to his live performances. Armed with an electronic drum pad and a MIDI controller, he crafts a unique blend of sounds that resonate with diverse audiences. His shows feature a mix of edits, mashups, original compositions, and remixes.

Able Grey has graced major festivals such as North Coast, Summer Camp, and Backwoods. Scheduled to perform at Beyond Wonderland in June 2024, his music has gained support from industry giants like Excision and Nicky Romero. With international performances from Bermuda to Greece, Able Grey’s success continues to grow, promising a bright future.

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[Music Video] David Frank – Don’t Miss A Moment

The fresh talent David Frank is back with one of the most inspiring songs of the year so far. “Don’t Miss A Moment” is an incredibly catchy blend of folk, indie and pop that has that intangible “anthem” feeling. That term can get thrown around a lot, even in the dojo, but this song has GOT IT.

David Frank continues to astonish with his incredible voice and dynamic production that enters a whole new echelon with “Don’t Miss A Moment.” Not only do we get the song, but David is back on his music video game for this one. It’s a bit more humorous than the song at face value, but adds a nice dimension to the single. And, you can just tell it was fun to make. Check it out below and make sure to add the song to your Summer playlists!!

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