Outside Lands 2014: 10 Acts to See Before 3PM [Event Preview + Playlist]

With the inevitable shenanigans that occur during preparation, it can be difficult to get to a music festival in a timely manner. As a result, its fairly common for festival-goers to miss out on acts that play early in the day. While headliners rarely disappoint, there’s something incredible about discovering an artist for the very first time during a live performance–a mutually beneficial exchange between artist and fan. The first few hours of a lineup provide ample opportunity to do so without compromise often producing some of the most energetic shows of an event.

Outside Lands is coming up on Friday, and we’ve decided to do our best to compel all our ninjas to make it to Golden Gate Park early this weekend by highlighting 10 acts worth seeing before 3PM. In creating the list, we found that there is certainly no shortage of artists, both established and up & coming, that we’re excited for during the first few hours of each day. If you can’t make it in early, don’t sweat, because at least a few of these bands will be headlining festivals themselves soon enough. Check out the playlist below and we hope to see some of you at OSL this weekend!

Day 1 (08/08):

Night Terrors of 1927 (Noon, Panhandle Stage)

Sounds like: Brooding, dark pop bringing together powerful emotions on either end of the spectrum.

’Night Terrors of 1927 – Young and Vicious’
’Night Terrors of 1927 – Dust and Bones’

Aer (12:45PM, Twin Peaks Stage)

Sounds like: A sunny blend of hip-hop, alternative rock and a splash of Sublime.

’Aer – Feel I Bring’
’Aer – Won’t Laugh’

Run the Jewels (2:15, Lands End Stage)

Sounds like: Hardcore hip-hop with counter-cultural commentary.

’Run The Jewels – Banana Clipper feat. Big Boi’
’Run The Jewels – Get It’

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Talking Good Music and Vibes with Aer [TMN Exclusive Interview]

Aer Photo 3

’Aer – Says She Loves Me’
’Aer – Won’t Laugh’
’Aer – Spades, Clubs & Diamonds’

The most innovative artists are often those who transcend and challenge genre constraints. Over the last couple years, Boston-based Aer have shown an admirable disregard for categorization, steadily building a following with their sunny, style-fusing sound. Today marks the release of Aer’s sophomore album, an appropriately self-titled project that truly captures their essence. From start to finish, Aer feels like the young duo’s most cohesive project to date, progressing their sound and narrative to a new level of maturity. I was lucky enough to chat with the guys behind Aer, Carter and David, and found them to be full of good vibrations, just like their music. Stream a few tracks above, check the interview down below and make sure to head to grab the album HERE.

TMN: Let’s start at the beginning. I know you met in high school and were part of a larger band back then. I was curious, what was the name of your band and what kind of music were you playing when you first started?

Carter: We were called Moken Airwalk, which is kind of funny, because some people are trying to draw the connection that we took the name Aer from Airwalk, but it was unrelated. We were a 4-piece band—it was vocals, guitar, bass and drums. The music was heavily influenced by the Red Hot Chili Peppers so it was kind of like smooth melodic rock, but we also had a lot of hard funk.

TMN: Tell us a bit about your progress and growth in the last few years and how things have changed since the inception of AER. 

David: The focus hasn’t really changed at all. It’s still been about us enjoying, growing and sharing our experiences through the music. But what has changed is just the amount of fans has grown and it’s crazy to see that. To go to these shows in different parts of the world, even now like in Europe, to see fans come out is incredible. To me, that’s really the only thing that feels like it has changed. We still work with the same people; we still have the same team from the get-go and have just been building on top of it.

TMN: One of the things I love about your music is how hard it is to categorize. How would you describe your music to someone who had never heard it before? What kind of genres would you include?

Carter: I alway just try and tell people to listen to three songs and then make their own definition because it’s definitely hard like you said. But I always include, in no particular order, the words alternative, rock, hip-hop influence, reggae and some pop aspects too. If I had to compare it with some artists, I normally say Black Keys, Kid Cudi, Sublime and maybe Slightly Stoopid all in a big pot. Stir it all up, serve it up, put some butter and maybe some sauce on top, and see how you like it after that.
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[Album Stream] AER – The Bright Side

The Massachusetts-based AER have returned right in time for the final stretch of summer with an album to match the weather. On their latest effort, The Bright Side, the rising duo emerge with a more polished sound in what is their most impressive work to date. AER fuses elements of alternative, reggae, hip-hop and pop to create a style of their own. Throughout the project, their talent and versatility shine as they navigate a wide range of genres.

On tracks like “Floats My Boat,” Few Times” and “Songbird,” they embody a more pop-reggae feel with a touch of hip-hop, while they go with more solid raps and harder production on cuts like “Go,” “Kush In My Pockets” and “If You Want (Trees).” “Medina is my personal favorite featuring a soft acoustic with calming, melodic vocals once again demonstrating the breadth of their ability. The content covers the general activities of college kids: booze, girls and weed. However, what truly deserves attention about this record is the positive vibrations that the music carries really earning its title The Bright Side. While this may not appeal immediately to hardcore hip-hop fans, AER’s potential is difficult to deny and you would be hard pressed to find music more light, youthful and fitting for vacation time. Stream the whole album below and, if you dig it, show your support by copping over at iTunes.

’Floats My Boat’
’Few Times’
’Like the Way’
’Its A New Day’
’If You Want (Trees)’
’Kush In My Pockets’
’Medina (Remastered)’
’On The Low’


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[HOT] AER – Like The Way

AER like the way

We’re no strangers to the boys of AER and their fresh take on hip-hop – we loved their last single ‘Floats My Boat‘ and their latest effort is even better. ‘Like The Way’ shows a more chill side to the guys, with a sick hook and some ace beats adding to the relaxed vibe. AER are set to drop their record ‘The Bright Side’ on July 30, so if you’re planning on taking a trip down to the beach or pool soon, then make sure this album is on your playlist.

’AER – Like The Way’
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[Hip/Hop] AER – Floats My Boat


After mountains of underground hype, the boys at AER have dropped ‘Floats My Boat’, a super catchy and summery track that plays to their strengths of fast-flowing upbeat hip-hop. Judging by ‘Floats My Boat’ alone, we’re prepared to bet that AER’s forthcoming album is going to be essential for 2012. Don’t miss ‘The Bright Side’, out July 30.

’AER – Floats My Boat’
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