[Resident Artist of the Month] Datsik’s Top Five Hip Hop Tunes

As head into the month of February, we have to unfortunately say farewell to our Resident Artist for the month of January. We’ll still be with Datsik every step of the way supporting the ongoing Ninja Nation Tour, but today’s piece wraps up our month-long highlight on him.

Going out in true style, Datsik has offered up his five favorite hip hop tunes that he’s jamming to right now. If it’s warm enough where you’re at right now, you might want to roll the windows down for this one. It’s full of West Coast style that deserves some dark shades and an elbow out the driver’s side window.

Nate Dogg – Dolla Dolla Bill
Xzibit – Criminal Set
Dr Dre – Keep their Heads Ringing
Snoop Dogg – Just Dippin’
TI – About the Money

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Datsik – Down For My Ninjas EP [EXCLUSIVE FREE DOWNLOAD]

Over the past month, we’ve had the ultimate pleasure of partnering up with Datsik to bring you ticket giveaways to his Ninja Nation tour, an exclusive interview, and now we’re throwing the frosting on the cake with a full free download of his Down For My Ninjas EP.

No need to get your vision checked, you read that last paragraph correctly. We’re offering up Datsik’s latest collection of bass heavy tunes for the low, low price of free-ninety-nine. Just click the image below, and go snag your free copy. We only ask one thing. When you’re rocking out in your car, at the gym, or at work, take a moment and say this phrase: “praise be to ninjas.”

This offer is only good for the next few weeks, so act now before it’s too late. On that note, tickets to his shows are selling out fast, so snagging some now might be a good idea.

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Datsik talks about LA, his Firepower homies, and the future of dubstep [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

TMN: Hey dude! First off, thank you so much for being our artist of the month for January, and for letting us come on board for the Ninja Nation tour.

Datsik: Absolutely. I appreciate all of the support!

TMN: Let’s talk about the upcoming Ninja Nation tour, which kicks off this week. What can fans expect from this tour?

Datsik: Well, first of all, this tour is going to be louder, bigger, and it’s going to have different, crazy, and awesome artists. Some of them are from Firepower and some of them are just homies. We have Kennedy Jones, we have ETC ETC, TRUTH, Barely Alive, Bear Grillz, Twine, Trolley Snatcha, Fox Stevenson, and I think that’s it. They all rotate in and out of the tour.

I’m super stoked. We just upgraded to Vortex, so we have some 3.0 now, and it should be pretty crazy. It should make for a pretty fucking awesome experience!

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[Resident Artist of the Month of January] Datsik

If there were such a thing as an Olympic event for Electronic Dance Music where each country selected their most talented representative every four years, Datsik would already be one of Canada’s sophomoric leaders. The promising young producer that started under a moniker with origins derived from his old Xbox Live gamertag, rapidly become his own establishment just months after his first release in 2009. And “rapidly” could not be more of an understatement. Soon after teaming with Excision the spring of the following year, Datsik was already joining forces with Bassnectar in the fall to deliver the eclectic track “Yes” (And till this day we still have the email from Lorin’s team that blessed us with a preview before release.)

But who really wants to talk about music from 5 years ago? Fast-forward to just a few months back and Datsik is still infusing a dark and mechanical aggression to his music while heavily paying tribute to distinguishable components of both old-school and modern swagger-forward hip/hop. The years of 2013-2014 came with ubiquities hits like: “Hold it Down”, “Hollow Point” (in collaboration with Getter) and the haunting basslines of “Scum”. Robust and coherent collections outlining his musical maturity: Cold Blooded EP with the official single “Vindicate” paving the way, the sequel release Let It Burn LP (September 2013) and finally we arrive at his latest endeavor, Down 4 My Ninjas EP. All the while signing a wide variety of dubstep/ bass producers under his very own successful record label Firepower Records.

Needless to say, most of us at The Music Ninja have had a front row seat of Troy Beetles’ music journey and today we cannot be more excited to present to you The Music Ninja’s Resident Artist of the Month of January.

But that is not all we are doing. Datsik has called upon the ninja brotherhood announcing, The Ninja Nation Tour, a comprehensive and lethal electronic adventure across The United States and Canada, is set to kick off January 22nd and carry all the way through April 9th. Be sure to come back here regularly for tour information, exclusive giveaways, interviews, and fresh new music.

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