[Chill] Odesza – White Lies (Forrest Bumps Remix)

White Lies (Forrest Bumps Remix)

Since its release last year, Odesza‘s debut album has spread like wildfire receiving glowing support from the dance community. With its glimmering, unique aesthetic, In Return has also become one of the most remixed projects in recent history, further catalyzed by several remix contests run by the production duo themselves. The countless quality re-works that have been put out has made it hard, even for us ninjas, to keep up, but we stumbled across one of “White Lies” this week that we had to share.

LA-based producer Forrest Bumps, of the A Fish Tank collective, replaces the percussion with a steadily building house beat all the while chopping and re-arranging the vocals making for an intoxicating listen. It’s a re-imagination that, rather than completely change the vibe, retains the original’s grace while switching up the cadence in a refreshing way. Give this one a listen above and, if you’re digging it, give it a vote on Odesza’s “White Lies” remix contest.

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