Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 9]

We did promise you that 2014 would be an even bigger year for soul than 2013 right? Well, this edition of Sunday Night Soul is already paying dividends on that statement. This was certainly our most challenging week in the series. With so many diverse selections to sort through, we were having fits trying to perfect the order. We’d like to think we did a fairly admirable job, but we’ll let you be the judges of that. Regardless of the arrangement, we’ve got a stellar lineup here for you tonight. From the spectacular sounds of vocalists like Benjamin Clementine, Kwabs, Kyla La Grange, Daniela Andrade and Jean Deaux, to absolutely decadent remixes from Max Liese, WoodysProduce, Jeftuz, starRo, and Les Fleurs Du Mal, we guarantee you’ll get addicted to at least one song you hear in this collection, easily our largest yet. So what are you waiting for? The night might still be young, but you’ve got plenty of work ahead of you if you want to be able to get through this playlist in one sitting.

’Låpsley – Station’
’Gnarls Barkley – Crazy (Cover) by Daniela Andrade’
’Uyanga – Water (Philippe Edison Remix)’
’Soia – Obtaining Remix (produced By Mez)’
’SWV – Rain (Les Fleurs Du Mal Old School Edition)’
’Indi. – Stay’
’Kyla La Grange – Cut Your Teeth (Prod. Jakwob)’
’Kwabs – Wrong Or Right (Prod. SOHN)’
’Benjamin Clementine – London’
’Sebastian Mikael – Forever (Produced by Lamb & Bigg D)’
’Spanky Danky – 2 fo the Memory (ft. Anthony Michael Lynn)’
’Jordan James – Remember The Time (MJ Refix) (Prod. By Jordan James)’
’Jack Freeman – Magenta’
’Jordan Grizzle – Bad Influence (Prod. by @Chally12)’
’PARTYNEXTDOOR – Table For Two (Prod. By Hit Boy)’
’UNESS – HEAVEN – studio reference (REMIX ONLY)’
’Kashif – Help Yourself To My Love (Alan’s Groovedown Edit)’
’Klassik – Light’
’Artful – I’m In Love ft Donaeo’
’Lewis – Hunter Feat. Jay Z (Max Liese Remix)’
’Normanton Street – This Way (CAPSUN Remix)’
’Daley ft. Marsha Ambrosius – Alone Together (SevnthWonder Remix)’
Daphne (WoodysProduce Remix)’
’Jean Deaux – Find U (produced by Sampha)’
’Asia Cruise – Boyfriend (Falcons bootleg)’
’DJ Topsider – Sudden Change (Destiny’s Child x starRo)’
’Destiny’s Child – Jumpin’ Jumpin’ (Jean Tonique Remix)’
’Faith Evans – Catching Feelings (Jeftuz Remix)’
’Elizabeth Rose – Sensibility’
’starRo – Waiting’
’CHPLN – White Snow (Shy Luv Remix)’
’FXXXYBLNT – Take Me There ft. Touurs’
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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 4]

It’s the first weekend of December, meaning I, like most of you out there, spent my Sunday stuck inside watching the snowflakes gently trickle down to the ground. Being trapped indoors isn’t always a bad thing however. At least you now have an excuse to huddle around the fireplace as you listen to the latest edition of Sunday Night Soul (if you don’t have a fireplace, a space heater will have to do). This edition is packed further to the brim than that mug of piping hot cocoa you’re gripping onto right now, with tasty selections from some of the most talented singers from across the web. It’s hard to pick a favorite from this crop, but I’d like to point your attention to offerings from newcomers Snoh Aalegra, Rosie LoweDrew Love, and SPZRKT. Of course we have to recognize budding series regulars Raleigh RitchieTev’n, and Tei Shi, as well as TMN favorites Childish GambinoJhené Aiko, Bondax, and Sebastian Mikael. If that stellar lineup alone doesn’t give it away, we’re rather confident that you’ll leave tonight’s presentation well satisfied. 

’Kenna – How Will It End (Prod. RJD2)’
’Raleigh Ritchie – Bloodsport’
’Snoh Aalegra – Burning Bridges’
’SLK – Ride’
’bAnoffee – Reign Down’
’Rosie Lowe – Games’
’Madame Sabrosa – LoveBuds’
’Jhene Aiko
The Vapors Ft. Wiz Khalifa’
’Luke James – Strawberry Vapors’
’Sassieon Dupris
’Drew Love – Kiss Of Life’
’Stacey – Sleep Alone’
’Tei Shi – M&Ms (MP • Williams Paranoid Remix)’
’Sebastian Mikael – Worst Behavior (Drake Remix) (Producer Lü Balz)’
’M.O – ON YA (Produced by Slakah the Beatchild)’
’Tev’n – Chasing Storms’
’Tiffany Stevenson – Old Thing’
’Cherokee – Don’t Matter feat. Darianna’
’Bondax – Fires Ft Josh Record’
’Adrian Marcel – Timeless’
’Childish Major – Vietnam (Don’t Let It Fall)’
’Childish Gambino
what kind of love’
’SPZRKT – U N I V E R S E (prod By Sango)’
’The RZA – Destiny Bends (DEMO) (ft. Will Wells)’
’Seinabo Sey – Younger’
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[Interview] Afternoon Conversations with Sebastian Mikael

Sebastian Mikael
Last Night feat. Wale (Produced by Lamb and Bigg D)

Swedish/Ethiopian singer-songwriter Sebastian Mikael has been on the come-up for awhile now. The Gothenburg native hit the States with a dream to make it big in the music industry. He is classically trained by the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and one of the first Swedish bred R&B singers to make it onto the US charts. With his latest single, “Last Night” featuring Wale, he blends a flavor of the old (Al B. Sure sample) and new with some contemporary sounds. While on his promo tour across the country, the rising star was able to take a moment to speak with TMN about the success in his life, inspirations, who he would like to work with in the future, and more.

TMN: First off, I want to congratulate you on the success of your latest single “Last Night” featuring Wale. The song is very catchy and the AL. B. Sure sample keeps fans old and new hip. Do you draw a lot of inspiration from older generation artists?

SM: Definitely, a lot of music comes from inspiration of older acts. I like Marvin Gaye, Sade, and other old soul artists. I like to make music with a throwback feel. I just have a big love for old school.

TMN: Getting on a track with Wale for one of your first singles had to be pretty humbling. Could you explain a little bit more about how that collaboration came about?

SM: Made the first track in Miami. We first got the sample and thought it was ill so we ended up cutting it that day. Wale heard the song and about 7 hours later he provided the verse.

TMN: Who else do you want to work with or collaborate with in in the future?

SM: Oh yeah many other artists. Um, right now it would be great to collaborate with Drake. We have been listening to his new album (Nothing Was the Same) a lot lately. J. Cole is another one I would really like to work with. Alicia Keys would be great too.

TMN: I know you were born and raised in Sweden, could you tell me more about the music scene back home and any changes that you had to adjust to when coming to America?

SM: Back home there is a lot of pop music and dance. It’s not very common for R&B singers to make it big there. I was just fortunate enough to get that exposure from my parents. They would listen to a lot of different stuff like R&B, soul, reggae, and music from other greats. So growing up, I knew I wanted to create music very similar to that. It’s just that over in America, the market is so much bigger for that.

TMN: So is that what made you venture into the music scene and into R&B?

SM: Yeah. It was my first love for music. In high school, you know, I started to sing more, produce more, write more. Then after high school, I explored more and definitely wanted to move over here (America) to do more of the music I love. Continue reading

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[NEW] Sebastian Mikael – Last Night ft. Wale

Slip N Slide‘s latest artist Sebastian Mikael drops a new gem for our listening enjoyments this week. The single “Last Night” is a laid-back, seductive Lamb and Bigg D production. The singer/song-writer croons over the smooth Al.B Sure 90’s classic “Night and Day” sampled beat, while rightfully bringing in MMG rapper Wale to spit a well crafted verse. The two definitely compliment each other on this track and the buzzworthy R&B single will be featured on Mikael’s upcoming yet-to-titled EP, due out later this Fall.

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[Hip-Hop] Kings Dead – Revenge Of The Beast

Here it is folks, the moment you’ve all been waiting for (at least you should’ve been). Today is the day that Kings Dead brings us the first album under their new moniker, Revenge Of The Beast. After steadily building a large following under the name The Dean’s List, the group faced a large amount of criticism and backlash when they decided to undergo their recent rebranding. While a full explanation can be found on their updated Facebook page, it’s through their music that you can truly witness this transformation take place. One of the most decisive events of the past year was when band member Sonny Shotz was unexpectedly assaulted in Spain, leaving him with a broken jaw that needed to be wired shut for twelve weeks. It’s the type of experience that could alter anyone’s perspective on life, and possibly the catalyst behind the shift in the group’s sonic identity.

Revenge Of The Beast signifies the group removing the shackles of expectations, and taking a step forward in an entirely new direction. However, fans of The Dean’s List needn’t fear as the group doesn’t completely shed the remnants of their old sound; they just take a natural progression forward. Lead singles “94” and “Over Dinner” for instance demonstrate a more elaborate and cinematic musicality to them, while tunes like “Simple Times” and “Proud Of Me” seem more in line with what we’ve previously heard. Another admirable quality about Kings Dead is that they tackle their controversy head on in the intro track, “Beauty & The Beast,” where they highlight many of the questions they’ve faced over the past few months. The most appropriate summation of their evolution may come from the band themselves who state,“We haven’t changed, only grown.” The truth of the matter is The Dean’s List has graduated, and we couldn’t be prouder of who they’ve become.

Check out a few of our favorites from the album below, and support the group by either downloading the mixtape for free, or purchasing a copy through iTunes. You can also catch a full stream of the project on their official SoundCloud page.

DOWNLOAD: Kings Dead – Revenge Of The Beast

’Kings Dead – Beauty & The Beast (Intro)’
’Kings Dead – My New Shit (ft. Alexus Lee)’

”Kings Dead – 94’

’Kings Dead – Over Dinner’
’Kings Dead – Shooting Star Ft. Alexus Lee’

’Kings Dead – Good Rebels (ft. Moonflwr)’

’Kings Dead – The Reunion (ft. Sebastian Mikael)’
’Kings Dead – Not A Worry’
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Sebastian Mikael
Over Your Limit

Sweden-born and Boston bred singer/songwriter Sebastian Mikael is back with a new hit single titled “Over Your Limit”. Singing over some heavy drums and haunting … Continue reading »

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[Soul/R&B] Sebastian Mikael – Take Me Higher

Berklee-trained and soulful newcomer Sebastian Mikael, formerly known as De’Lor, has steady been making his name in the game over the past couple years. Already well known in his native Sweden, Mikael makes an effort to become just as widely successful stateside. After dropping his critically-acclaimed debut mixtape J’Adore in 2011, his single “Beautiful Life” quickly caught the eye and ears of fans and music execs. With his latest track “Take Me Higher”, the newly Vested in Culture signee croons over a soft,  romantic ballad. The Lu Balz produced promo single has the singer/songwriter hitting the falsetto over a 50’s-inspired beat with some synth rhythms as he sings about more than just a physical connection with that one special girl. Great vocals and a throwback vibe give this catchy tune a Bruno Mars-esque appeal and could definitely make this a contender for the Billboard charts. Be sure to check it out below.

’Take Me Higher’
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