[Festival Review + Playlist] Take Us Back: Outside Lands 2014 Highlights through Photos & Songs


During the Gold Rush, the area where Golden Gate Park currently resides was referred to as the “Outside Lands,” a sprawling seemingly uninhabitable expanse, before being adopted by the city of San Francisco and developed into what is now the gorgeous western portion of the city. Today, Outside Lands carries a whole new meaning as the the premiere music festival of the Bay Area located in the heart of the park. Every event has a unique charm and, for OSL, the magic of San Francisco’s physical and cultural beauty is truly at its core. With breathtaking scenery, quality food/wine and the lingering remnants of the hippie movement, Outside Lands 2014 served as yet another reminder of why the area has become, and has for so long been, such a desirable destination even with its famously cold summer weather.

Just over two weeks have passed since we took our final steps out of what was the most popular OSL in the event’s history. In the days following a festival, the mundanity of everyday life can become particularly evident. Luckily, with concerts, there’s always an artist’s music to revive the excitement of your most memorable, albeit sometimes least remembered, moments. This year’s Outside Lands lineup featured an incredible diversity in artistic styles making for a broad range of experiences to look back on. Join us as we take revisit a dozen of our top highlights from the weekend through photos and songs. Continue reading

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[Games] Dj Hero Sountrack


If you are a music fan, and by reading this you probably already are one, then you should be familiar with the plethora of musical/timing games, like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Band Hero, and now DJ Hero just to name a few. To celebrate the release of Dj Hero we put together a small sample playlist of some of the best songs we found on the game’s soundtrack, to give you a taste of what you can expect. The game track list is mostly compromised of good quality mash-ups, combining two tracks to try to form a distinct experience for the player. Although these tracks were some of the best we found, we also noticed many mediocre ones that only seem to be enjoyable when you are playing the game but otherwise do not have much playback value.

The game is definitely worth checking out.

Daft Punk vs. Queen – Robot Rock vs. We Will Rock You

’Robot Rock vs. We Will Rock You.mp3′

Kid Cudi vs. Black Eyed Peas -Day N Nite vs. Boom Boom Pow

’Day N Nite vs. Boom Boom Pow.mp3′

Jay-Z vs. The Jackson 5Izzo (H.O.V.A.) vs. I Want You Back

’Izzo (H.O.V.A.) vs. I Want You Back.mp3′

Rihanna vs. The Killers – Disturbia vs. Somebody Told Me

’Disturbia vs. Soembody Told Me.mp3′
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