To celebrate hitting 3 million likes on Facebook, Avicii is giving his fans a brand new single “Three Million”.

Let’s get things straight, we love Avicii. We have interviewed him many times and apart from being one of the nicest producers in the world, his music has constantly inspired us and the world.

Yet, we can only find Three Million reasons as to why this song just doesn’t cut it for us. It is quite alarming that whenever an important artists releases a new single, all the other music blogs jump on it with rave reviews. Yes, we are grateful to have a “Free” track from Avicii but we are just not sure what to think of it. The bassline after minute 2.15 feels outdated, as to coming from a nintendo game (although we admit this is a perfect soundtrack for a Contra game). The strings that typically carry the track with such progressive momentum in an Avicii production, seem to be absent and lacking. But, of course that is just our humble opinion as avid Avicii fans.

We are eager to see what else Avicii has in store for us in 2013.

’Avicii – Three Million (feat. Negin)’

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