Bang Gang
Out Of Horizon (DUSK Remix)

It happens so often. We hear soaring, warm, and glowing vocals, and we instantly anticipate remixes to follow. This time around, we’re bringing you an interpretation of “Out of Horizon,” which is the first single off Bang Gang’s upcoming LP. The first release in almost a decade brings excitement for fans of this storied Icelandic artist, who’s known for his work under this moniker, but Starwalker and Lady & Bird.

Enter remixers Balrock and Jake Tries, better known as DUSK, who also hail from Iceland. This Reykjavík-based duo takes the calming indie rock tune and flips it completely on it’s head, bringing devastating 808s and festival-style synth melodies. Most notably, the vocal samples in this remix are expertly crafted and meticulously placed, creating not only an impressive remix, but also an entirely new identity. With this vision, we’re offered up something that fits perfectly in the electronic realm, inciting the need to head out for a night on the town.

Aside from being a massively well-done remix, this tune is also going to provide breast cancer patients with the opportunity to go through clinical trials. Through Cadence & Cause, fans can purchase this song and know that they’re giving back to something that affects so many lives across the world. Click here to purchase and/or provide additional donations.

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