Australian jack-of-all-trades, Stu Tyson, aka Bass Kleph does not produce music. He creates experiences. His earliest gigs (even as ex-drummer in a hard rock band) demonstrated a special gift that many artists would kill to posses. Bass Kleph was able to pull in huge crowds, consistently, and give them exactly what they came in for: a fucking good time. And while a lot has happened since he began, producing some of the best dance bangers and reaching Beatport #1 countless of time, it is still important to point out this very fact because it is reflected in his music. Each song is not just made to be listened to, but deliberately crafted to consume both the body and the mind. When you hear a Bass Kleph track, you know you are in for a good time.

This, of course, brings us to his latest release “Flashing Lights”. This single ultimately exposes both the growth and maturity Stu has come as producer. With a silky smooth build up, in part due to vocalist with Ron E, “Flashing Lights” soon transforms into a modern dance floor anthem incorporating harmonic synths and a powerful stomping basslines.

’Bass Kleph feat Ron E Jones – Flashing Lights (Original mix)’

Taking things one step further, Aussie producer Bobby Vena comes in to give the track a more progressive house feel, while Hot Creations’ Bubba executes a deep remix much calmer in nature.

’Bass Kleph feat Ron E Jones – Flashing Lights (Bobby Vena mix)’
’Bass Kleph feat Ron E Jones – Flashing Lights (Bubbas dub)’

Released: 21/1/2013
Purchase: Beatport

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