Bora York
Arrest Me

It’s been cold, rainy, and grey here in Denver for the past week, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to let up anytime soon. This comes as somewhat of a surprise, considering we’re usually blessed with ample amounts of sunshine-filled days. Luckily for us though, a fellow cold-weather state friend is giving us something to help thaw out the cold. That friend is Bora York, and that something is “Arrest Me.”

Coming off their upcoming album (June 2015), “Arrest Me” drops today, here on The Music Ninja. Featuring a very danceable bassline, upbeat guitar work, sonic layering, and alternating vocals from husband-wife duo Chris and Rebekah Bartels. It’s soulfully crafted, funk-inspired, and an absolute blast to groove to. When asked about the tune, frontman Chris had this to say:

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or have been with someone for years, relationships always seem to have seasons of being emotional roller coasters. I might be crazy, but I think about things a lot on my own, and sometimes let emotions drive my daydreams. It’s more fun that way. And then I process everything through songs. Arrest Me is about running through a whirlwind of emotion and circumstance, but then ends up at “this cyclone has kept me alive,” essentially saying the rollercoaster is all worth it for that person you love.

“Arrest Me” blends the sonic direction of this new album – funkier, tighter, dancier, and of course 80’s synth-pop-tinged – with that moody love song subject. We had incredible Minneapolis guitarist Cory Wong write and record electric guitars on this song, and he really brought the funk out that we were going for, especially during the song’s breakdown.

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