Seelo Ft MissFly
When Ever You Need

It’s early in the week, but that doesn’t mean I can’t serve you up with a stellar late-night tune. If anything, just consider it as a tease for the good things heading your way this weekend.

Coming in hot via Windsor, Ontario, this Lebanese-born Canadian should be on your radar from here on out. On this particular cut, Seelo has teamed up with MissFly to drop a soulful, dark, melodic deep house track that’s perfect for those winding, marathon adventures that gleefully carry you into the early hours on Sunday morning. It sports a slapping kick, devilish bassline, and radiating vocals that counterbalance the whole experience perfectly.

Make sure to squirrel this one away for the weekend. It’s a top-notch addition to your party playlists. Just do me a favor — don’t blame me for the painful hangover come Sunday evening.

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