Many would agree that Cape Town, South Africa is one of the most beautiful and dynamic places on the globe. Fitting that the music written by Civil Twilight would take on their city’s diverse and powerful nature. Lead singer Steven McKellar’s vocals come from an eery place not commonly found in alternative music and his band’s beautiful piano and string melodies provide the perfect bed for his vocals to dwell within. Chicago’s LoBounce picked up on the richly emotional vibe in Civil Twilight’s debut single “Letters From The Sky” and ornamented it with just the right balance of stripped down piano and heavy bass. LoBounce also did a nice job of stuttering out the vocals and infusing epic string chords of his own along with the grinding synth lines. All around this track will take you to a place that soars as high as Cape Town’s Table Mountain and beyond.

Civil Twilight – Letters From The Sky (LoBounce Remix)

’Civil Twilight – Letters From The Sky (LoBounce remix)’
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