Alright Music Ninjas, this week in addition to the usual banging dubstep I’m also blowing the lid off a conspiracy greater than Watergate, Iran Contra and 9/11 combined. This conspiracy concerns the identity of the DJ behind this epic Adele/Skrillex mashup, which before I state my case I have to say is absolutely insane

Adele vs. Skrillex – Set Fire To Everybody (ca7’s Mashup)

But when I tried to research ca7, the artist behind it, I found a series of unusual coincidences. For starters, ca7 seems to be just a nickname for the DJ’s full name ca715al1v3, which is L337 speak for “cat is alive.” ca7’s Facebook page has no content or activity before last Tuesday. His Twitter account is following 0 people with 0 tweets and 0 followers. He has 0 songs uploaded on Soundcloud, with 1 comment and 2 favorites of virtually unknown electronic songs. His YouTube account was created a mere 2 months ago, and this mashup is the only thing on it. The only reason I have even heard of this guy is because Skrillex posted about the mashup on his Facebook. Before that, it’s like he didn’t even exist.

Which is why I think he’s deadmau5.

Hear me out here. There’s the obvious correlation with cat/mouse, dead/alive and both using L337 speak, but check out ca7’s Facebook profile picture.

Seem familiar?

Add to that the fact that deadmau5 has done something like this before, with his Soundcloud account under the name fuckmylife which began as an anonymous profile through which deadmau5 leaked his own songs. And Skrillex, the one who made this mashup popular in the first place, is presumably pretty close with deadmau5 after beginning his career touring with him and being on his label.

Now I might be way off base here, or this ca7 might just be some clever shmoe trying to get publicity, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t smell a little fishy. So I’m gonna leave this one up to my fellow Ninjas. Is it just a coincidence? A well thought out hoax? Or is mau5 trolling us all yet again?

UPDATE: ca7 actually reached out to us and denied he has anything to do with Deadmau5. Sigh, a blogger can dream cant he? Check the comments bellow to see what he has to say.

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