Bling Bling

One of dance music’s hidden treasures, Felmax, has partnered up with one of our favorite labels in Uprise Music. “Bling Bling” is an ice cold electro tune that will have bass house fans going wild. It’s already got us in a craze and now we’re going to pass that infection along to you.

If you are a DJ, or are simply the leader of the aux chord for your group of friends, you NEED to get this track. It’s not hard either, as it has been released as a free download. Felmax has always been someone who has put out solid work and over the years has continued to hone his production and songwriting skills. Usually the Soundcloud comment section is a place we don’t venture, but one individual was hyped on this one, despite not liking house. “Bling Bling” is one of those songs that can turn you onto a genre. Enjoy it today.

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