Gazzo Music
Clinton Sparks feat. 2Chainz, Macklemore & DA-Gold Rush (Cash Cash X Gazzo Remix)

As you awake from your alcohol induced slumber, slamming a glass of water and maybe a few advils, press play on this bad boy and get back in the mood to dance. While it may be Sunday morning, we can assure you that this tune will pick you up out of whatever funk it is that you’re in. We’re assuming that it’s a hangover, but hey, we’re certainly not judging.

Most of us are familiar of the monster tune from Grammy nominated Boston based artist Clinton Sparks featuring 2Chainz, the thrift store t-shirt adorned Macklemore, and D.A. This radio monster has received plenty of attention with it’s catchy hooks and piano melodies. Today though, we’re stoked to hear a dancy electro house treatment of the original coming from Jersey Natives Cash Cash and Gazzo. This is a straight up radio mix, meaning all the vocals of the original are in place and in tact, but now this tune is dialed up with some sharp electro house synths that give it just a little more edge.

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