Limbic Void
The Doghouse (feat. Iben Bjørg Anton)

Norwegian producer Limbic Void and Danish vocalist Iben Bjørg Anton are a spectacular team. Artists with smaller followings continue to provide a myriad of songs that shape a community of forward thinking style and structure, and these two have devised a glistening electronic pop marvel titled “The Doghouse” that substantiates this exact point. Iben Bjørg Anton’s voice carries a resemblance to Lana Del Rey, albeit with a considerably less bleak delivery and approach. It’s here where the tune finds its footing, and the weight of the brooding production by Limbic Void crashes around her voice with grit and gusto. Alternative and electronic pop cover an expansive spectrum, and this cold, calculated sector of it obtained a significant new addition with “The Doghouse.”

Limbic Void has already been producing for a couple of years, which is evident of his SoundCloud history, and his refined construction of this song speaks volumes to his capabilities and potential. We were lucky enough to have this sent to us yesterday, and it’s been in heavy rotation since. If you catch yourself enjoying it, be sure to explore the sunnier side of his work by listening to the insanely catchy Grandstander, where he even provides his own vocals. With all that being said, be sure to show Limbic Void any support you can and enjoy the tune above!

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