Nirvana (Until The Ribbon Breaks ReImagination)

Just a few weeks ago we were talking about Sam Smith and his amazing tune “Money on My Mind.” Before that we were talking about “Together,” and “Safe with Me.” Let’s face it, the past year has been incredible for London based musician, and we’ve been talking about it every step of the way.

Today we’re talking about “Nirvana,” which was taken from Sam’s debut EP, released in November. However, this post features a crafty re-imagination of the tune via Until the Ribbon Breaks. Having just released an EP earlier this month (A Taste of Silver), this Welshman has also accompanied his remix with a sultry video.

Gone are the massive tribal drums and understated guitar riffs. In their place we find dialed up keys and smooth, seductive bass hits. Smith’s voice is amazingly sampled, creating a chopped up soundscape that is effortlessly beautiful, seductive and welcoming.

The video below brings a visual interpretation that matches the remix perfectly. Underneath the lush red glow, we’re offered up a scene that is probably NSFW. Take a little bit of caution before you press play on this one.

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