See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.

But feel free to play every dirty, nasty, evil electronic/dub beat that you want Protohype.
The young 23-year-old newer artist, whose real name is Max Hype, recently released the second part of his series after “See no Evil” with the highly anticipated “Hear no Evil”. The four tracks EP is composed of all original works and has some very talented vocals lent to some of the tracks.

Protohype starts the series strong with “Fly” featuring the stunning high vocals of Alina Renae. The song is my favorite on the EP; it is full of an unattainable energy that rises from your feet all the way to the top of your head. It tells the simple tale of finally being free from someone and how that has gives people the power to fly and do amazing things. There are intense drum rolls and hypnotic electronic melodies that make this an unforgettable song. “Jelly Roll” and “Bright Side”, which features Ras have a great energy surrounding them. “Jelly Roll” is an instrumental phenomenon that you can’t stop bopping around to. “Bright Side” again takes the powerful lyrics of Ras and combines them with Protohype’s intense musical style. To put the finishing touches on this EP, Protohype finishes with “Shatter” which starts with a mesmerizing violin entrance. The song continues with this beautiful violin throughout the whole song while Protohype loops in his drops and his powerful moments of electronic bliss.
Two parts down, one part to go, we can’t see what speaking no evil will do to our lips.

’Protohype – Fly ft. Alina Renae’
’Protohype – Jelly Roll’
’Protohype – Bright Side ft. Ras’
’Protohype – Shatter’
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