Start with a person. Or, more specific, a musician. Now, add in different types of music. A little dubstep, a little drub & bass, a little electro, some aggressive rock & metal and then to make things really interesting, a dash of orchestral elements. And let’s amp up the musician to take the titles of producer, songwriter, programmer, re-mixer and of course, performer. Combine all the of these elements and who emerges but a highly talented artist who has been changing the face of electronic music for almost a decade now.

Enter Celldweller, our new resident artist for the month of June. To all of his loyal fans, he is known as Klayton, the heart, mind and soul behind the red haired musician Celldweller and the man who constantly is changing the game when it comes to music.

Klayton calls Detroit home, a city with electronic music history flowing through its streets. It was here that Celldweller first released his debut album back in 2003, “Celldweller” which immediately caught the attention of fans and critics who praised Klayton for his unique and undeniably talented sound. From there, Klayton has only grown in his popularity and has taken his own music and his love for the music scene to the next level. Klayton is the proud founder of FiXT, a rapidly growing media company that works as a record label, an online music and merchandise outlet, a publicity wing, and as a film/television/game licensing department. One of the reasons FiXT covers all of these aspects is because Celldweller’s own music has been used numerous time in television shows, movies and especially in video games. Wouldn’t it get you more psyched up to destroy a few aliens with the sounds of Celldweller blasting through your headphones?

Klayton’s sound is distinctive; he brings a lot of his rock and metal passions to the table when making his music. That is something that makes him a truly diverse musician and producer, keeping true to the music of his roots but then throwing in a complete new electronic sound that captivates all of his listeners.

As we begin the new month with this red Mohawk artist, we are honored to be premiering one of his songs that is going to be released next week on Celldweller’s tenth anniversary deluxe addition cd.

Sit back and get ready for some out-of-this-world experiences with our new resident artist.

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