Ella On The Run

London-based alt-pop artist Ella On The Run is gathering quite the amount of attention with her highly anticipated forthcoming EP ‘Undone’. Having studied at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, and worked with LA producer Mathew Bang, she’s now crossed The Atlantic, where she’s released this infectious EP; proving her position amongst a new generation of awesome alt/pop artists.

Released as a single towards the end of March, ‘Undone’ offers a glimpse into Ella On The Run’s (aka Stephanie Gautier’s), new and intriguing style of alt-pop. A layered mix of euphoric and electronic sounds subtly lie beneath her whispery vocals; reflecting a tone similar to Lana Del Rey, as she sings “wasted is the youth on the young”. Crashing drums and percussion (resembling that of shackles and chains) energise the chorus, along with a quickened electric guitar hook. This is reduced to almost nothing, as her vocals carry the piece into the final chorus, emotionally delivering her pain-stricken lyrics: ‘we’ve come undone’.

‘Walk Away’ is immediately more up-tempo, her delicate vocals help introduce a soft drum beat, adding to the pace of the piece, which then develop into an uplifting chorus, bare of vocals, yet over-thrown by a summer-set melody. As a new track, ‘Walk Away’ demonstrates why Ella on the Run has recently beefed names ‘Songstress on the rise’ by Candid magazine, and received attention from the likes of BBC Radio 1. Truly fantastic.

Hit by a deep undertone of bass, ’Too much heaven’ initially guides us through an ambiguously intriguing beginning; intertwining her vocals and unusual harmonic effects, resemblant of elements of House music. Consisting of ghostly harmonies, as she sings “Angels fall”, Ella on the Run achieves a relaxed sound of exultation, veiled with this signature alt/electronic beat.

A unique cover of Ace of Base’s ‘All that she wants’ is faintly familiar to us as the audience, however she’s taken this track and completely submerged it with her electronic/ pop sound. Making it her own, it’s refreshingly current, and barely recognisable, as she’s transformed the song into a production for 2016. Her whispery vocals slowly move over the popular lyrics, but following a newly modified melody. The song is almost hypnotic, as she flirts with some original elements written by Ace of Base, whilst consistently employing stylistic features of her own. Having already gathered over 10k views and listens on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube, it’s clear the rest of the EP will follow in quick succession.

‘Undone’ is available on Soundcloud now, and you can pre-oder the EP on iTunes. It will be available to download on 22nd April.

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