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Ed Prosek – Shadows [TMN Premiere]

Ed Prosek

Once again we’ve been fortunate enough to have been graced with new music from American singer/songwriter Ed Prosek. This brilliant new release ‘Shadows’ is beautifully crafted by soft guitar picking, a relaxed drum beat and smooth vocals. Prosek delivers such an essence of comfort, despite reminding us of his story having left California and his home for something, and somewhere new.
Personable and intimate lyrical imagery, such as, ‘crooked smile’ draw us further in as listeners; bridging the gap between us and him, and the music. A liberating release of vocals crafts the powerful chorus, as if he’s letting go of the emotive tension carefully built throughout the heartfelt verses.
Elements of folk break through the piece, resembling some of his older music and initial stylistic features. However, rather than singing of a longing for home, ‘Shadows’ focuses on elements of acceptance, and conveys love for a city, time and a moment in life.
The bridge section is musically diminished to almost nothing, driven by a delicate guitar and piano section, before rising dramatically into an awesome final chorus: a stylistic element typical of Prosek’s songwriting.

Developing on the success of his EP ‘Truth’, released earlier this year, Ed has been spread across European radios and featured on Apple Music’s ‘Best of the week’, and there’s no wonder his music is increasingly gaining traction both online and live. He will be touring Germany throughout November, and we can expect an anticipated EP release due next Spring!

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[Music Video] Ella On The Run – Walk Away

Ella On The Run
Walk Away

When we caught up with Ella On The Run earlier this year, she had released her incredible EP ‘Undone’, featuring tracks such as ‘Walk Away’, and her unique version of ‘All that she wants’ by Ace of Base. Her sultry alt/ pop sound consists of infectious beats and melodies, and spacious, alluring lyrics, which have crowned her “queen of of the alt-pop block”, according to Wonderland.

Now, having been working with award winning video director Rafe Gibbon, (recently notable for Will Joseph Cook’s ‘Take Me Dancing’ video), Ella On The Run has released her mesmerising new music video ‘Walk Away’. Questioning forbidden love and temptation – “Could we be lovers, more than friends?”, she conveys a hypnotically intriguing story and image of colour and pattern, which combines perfectly with these complex beats and alternative synth sounds. The mirrored profile of Ella On The Run singing, cleverly interlinks with the harmonies within ‘Walk Away’, as if conveying two separate voices, questioning her internal desire and passion. This theme is carried through the verses and pre-chorus until the track throws us into an up-beat chorus of fervent synths, accentuated by distorted patterns and manipulated images.

Be sure to check out this video for ‘Walk away’ below, and to familiarise yourselves with her formidable EP!

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[Alternative] The Erised – Liar

The Erised

Emerging electronic group The Erised have released their enormous new track ‘Liar’. Consisting of grunge guitar chords, and heavy drum beats, they’ve compiled every component available to create this innovative style. This track follows their impressive debut EP release ‘Desire’, and the band are now set to offload their colossal debut album ‘Room 414′.

An ambiguous drone of light synths set the initial tone, as lead singer Sonya Sukhorukova’s vocals delicately meet the music, setting a pace to the electronic track; leaving a vast amount of space and laying the foundations for explosive electronic synths driving the chorus. The Erised are a Ukrainian 5 piece band, consisting of an eclectic mix of musicians, from drum and bass producers to singer/ songwriter Sonya. They explore genres such as jazz, rock and pop to diversify their sound, and enrich their unique style as a group.
Elements of grunge rock are powerfully incorporated throughout ‘Liar’, and especially within the bridge; counteracting the pure vocals and capturing a fine balance between tragic and euphoric. The verses offer a fluid and calmer aspect to the piece, which, along with these emotion stricken vocals carry the song to each chorus.
Keep your ears to the ground for up and coming tour dates; in the mean time listen to ‘Liar’ above.

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Ella On The Run – Undone [TMN PREMIERE]

Ella On The Run

London-based alt-pop artist Ella On The Run is gathering quite the amount of attention with her highly anticipated forthcoming EP ‘Undone’. Having studied at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, and worked with LA producer Mathew Bang, she’s now crossed The Atlantic, where she’s released this infectious EP; proving her position amongst a new generation of awesome alt/pop artists.

Released as a single towards the end of March, ‘Undone’ offers a glimpse into Ella On The Run’s (aka Stephanie Gautier’s), new and intriguing style of alt-pop. A layered mix of euphoric and electronic sounds subtly lie beneath her whispery vocals; reflecting a tone similar to Lana Del Rey, as she sings “wasted is the youth on the young”. Crashing drums and percussion (resembling that of shackles and chains) energise the chorus, along with a quickened electric guitar hook. This is reduced to almost nothing, as her vocals carry the piece into the final chorus, emotionally delivering her pain-stricken lyrics: ‘we’ve come undone’.

‘Walk Away’ is immediately more up-tempo, her delicate vocals help introduce a soft drum beat, adding to the pace of the piece, which then develop into an uplifting chorus, bare of vocals, yet over-thrown by a summer-set melody. As a new track, ‘Walk Away’ demonstrates why Ella on the Run has recently beefed names ‘Songstress on the rise’ by Candid magazine, and received attention from the likes of BBC Radio 1. Truly fantastic.

Hit by a deep undertone of bass, ’Too much heaven’ initially guides us through an ambiguously intriguing beginning; intertwining her vocals and unusual harmonic effects, resemblant of elements of House music. Consisting of ghostly harmonies, as she sings “Angels fall”, Ella on the Run achieves a relaxed sound of exultation, veiled with this signature alt/electronic beat.

A unique cover of Ace of Base’s ‘All that she wants’ is faintly familiar to us as the audience, however she’s taken this track and completely submerged it with her electronic/ pop sound. Making it her own, it’s refreshingly current, and barely recognisable, as she’s transformed the song into a production for 2016. Her whispery vocals slowly move over the popular lyrics, but following a newly modified melody. The song is almost hypnotic, as she flirts with some original elements written by Ace of Base, whilst consistently employing stylistic features of her own. Having already gathered over 10k views and listens on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube, it’s clear the rest of the EP will follow in quick succession.

‘Undone’ is available on Soundcloud now, and you can pre-oder the EP on iTunes. It will be available to download on 22nd April.

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[Rock] Episode – Lost in Cali

Lost In Cali (demo)

Infected by their first release ‘Swim’, we have delved further into Episode’s releases. As a more delicate piece, ‘Lost in Cali’ explores mixed perceptions of California and LA, against their nostalgia of New York.

The track was born in LA, and the band describe it as “a beautiful city, and at it’s highs it feels surreal and distorted, but at it’s lows it feels empty in the way that New York feels whole”. Have a listen, and let us know what you think!
We’re stoked to have stayed in touch with these guys, as they’re set for awesome things in the near future!
Up and coming shows include ‘Arlene’s Grocery’ in New York on 4th March.

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[Rock] Episode – Swim


Memories can be powerful reminders of the past for many of us, and for four piece rock band Episode, one was the catalyst for their awesome new single ‘Swim’.

Lead singer Daniel Lonner sings of a haunting experience of losing consciousness underwater when he was young; exploring just how fragile life is, and how some things that appear so strong in this world can slip away so easily. Their sound shares qualities with the likes of ‘Kings of Leon’, whilst consisting of authentically powerful drum grooves by Brett Daniels, and Eric Sherman’s infectious guitar riffs, followed by an uplifting and ethereal solo! This is all solidified with the crisp and warm tone of the bass, played by Giovanni Thatcher; thereby culminating this fantastic dynamic as a group.

Having formed 2 years ago these guys have been working closely with producer Rex Kudo in LA, and recording tracks in their hometown New York, where they wrote ‘Swim’ and created the forthcoming EP “Late Night Episode”, said to be released on the 22nd February.

Episode are undoubtedly heading in the right direction, and we can’t wait to hear what the EP throws at us!

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[Alternative] Dear Boy – Local Roses

Dear Boy
Local Roses

LA band Dear Boy have graced us with their awesome new single ‘Local Roses’ off their forthcoming EP. Singer Ben Gray’s raspy vocals, decorated by guitarist Austin Hayman’s shimmering electric guitar playing, guides to us through this universally tangible experience of love and loss, as he sings “I can hold her now, but she was never mine at all”.

The bright tone of the guitar is perfectly counter-balanced by the underlying warmth of the bass, played by Nils Bue, only to be solidified and fundamentally moulded together by drummer Keith Cooper; achieving this uniquely atmospheric, alternative/ post-punk sound.

They will be playing The Echo in Los Angeles for the single launch on 12th January! Have a look here for tour and gig updates in the future.

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