Love them or hate them, it is hard to deny the emotional potency of London’s Coldplay. When Chris Martin pours his heart out on stage and his band belts out their epic string and guitar ballads, even the toughest music fan feels their emotions rise to the surface in one way or another, even if they manifest themselves in a distain for Coldplay. Most likely their anger is only masking some other emotional condition buried deep inside. In any case, Coldplay’s songs are the perfect material for making remixes of due to their rich melodic and vocal content. Fellow UK artist System took Coldplay’s latest single “Paradise” in a whole new direction that could possibly win over even the most apprehensive listener. By staying true to the festival ballad feel of the original while adding in some of the nastiest machine-like bass synths in the business this upcoming dubstep producer came up with something simultaneously beautiful and ugly, vulnerable and tough. The perfect emotional dichotomy for listeners out there who haven’t decided if they are sad or angry or whether they love Coldplay or want to destroy them.

Download: Coldplay – Paradise (System Remix)

’Coldplay – Paradise (System Remix)’
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