DJ Duo City 17 made a huge splash in the EDM world by recently winning the Lights All Night Festival contest and landing a chance to play with the likes of Tiesto, Zedd, and Avicii. So, just how did this LA/Seattle based DJ duo win the contest? Well, it was with a last minute submission with the title track off this EP, “Ignite It”. Thankfully for Felipe Pereira and Justin Anderson they decided to enter!

The title track, “Ignite It” is an electro house gem that has poppy build with addicting vocals, a driving beat, and crunchy electro synths. It’s the perfect track to showcase their abilities to blend memorable melodies with aggressive dance riffs. It’s a sound that would be sure to draw people in to the dance floor and provide energy to keep them moving.

The other track that we particularly enjoyed was their vocal dubstep track, “Wage War”. It features a smooth build-up that focuses on Tatiana Lepsch’s vocals, which leads into a razor sharp drop that is a will make the crowd do some serious fist pumping.

If you dig City 17’s tunes, make sure to head over to Beatport and pick up a copy for yourself.

’City 17 – Ignite It (Original Mix’
’City 17 – Wage War (Original Mix)’
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